Do you love working with people? Are you a good leader? These qualities are essential in order to be an effective manager. But those aren’t the only qualities that are necessary. A number of other characteristics are critical for success as a manager. Here are a few of the most important qualities of highly effective managers.Good Communication Skills Any good manager knows that good communication is top priority for getting things done. Top producing managers know how to get their ideas across clearly, convey the company’s visions and goals, and maintain productivity by giving understandable instructions to their employees. But they also know that a big part of communication is having the ability to listen to the ideas, concerns, and comments of their team members and being able to relay them back up the chain of command.Self-Motivation A person in a position of management must be a self-starter.  A successful manager is one who does not need to be told what to do or when to do it.  Part of a manager’s job is to know the mission and goals of the company and to be able to take independent action that is in line with those outcomes.A High Level of Integrity Employees need to know that the person that is calling the shots is trustworthy. For this reason, the integrity level of a manager is very important.  When employees are confident that their manager will strive to conduct business in a fair and professional manner, it automatically reduces the stress of day-to-day operations.A Strong Sense of Commitment Effective managers are committed to their teams and the productivity of the company. Through this strong sense of commitment, they learn to lead respectfully and teach their teams to work together by setting a good example.The Ability to Prioritize Good managers don’t allow themselves to become bogged down with trivial concerns and tasks. They have the ability to distinguish between important and urgent matters. They are highly organized and they use their well-honed time management skills to get the job done. Being able to prioritize effectively involves another skill that all successful managers possess: keeping the big picture in mind amid the everyday routine.  Managers who are good at prioritizing prepare their days, weeks, and months in advance and always have a backup plan - just in case.–High-functioning organizations like Amana Capital ( look for certain qualities in their management staff. In all fields of endeavor, it seems that the most successful and effective managers on board have these five traits in commons.