Many managers and business owners don’t understand why they should care about their employees’ morale, let alone how to improve it. Unfortunately, this ignorance often creates an unpleasant work environment which negatively impacts employee productivity. While improving your workers’ morale can prove challenging, know that by staying committed your efforts will be rewarded!Have fun: Everyone likes having fun, including employees. Although having a good time is a great way to improve everyone’s mood, it isn’t without its own set of challenges. First, figure out what activities your employees enjoy by asking them directly. This shows that you care about their well-being and that you also take their opinions seriously.Next, decide on the activities you would like to do as a group, taking into consideration company reputation and policy. Keep in mind that they can be something as simple as having a themed lunch or going to a local sportingevent. Finally, schedule the activities and tell your employees well in advance.Focus on communication: Every relationship needs communication to stay healthy, and employee relationships are no exception. This is difficult, however, if your employees believe their superiors are unapproachable. Instead of dealing with problems in a productive way, they may feel they have to fix it on their own, or ignore it. This conflict with your employees’ feelings will not only prevent superiors from recognizing and fixing problems, but may also cause workers to feel lonely or hopeless. Instead, always encourage communication between employees at every level, and hold them accountable for any problems that arise.Remove unproductive employees: Not only do lazy employees cost your company time and money, but they can also fuel feelings of resentment and anger among coworkers who take their job seriously. Instead of keeping them on staff, only keep the employees that are willing to work. Employees that take pride in their work usually only want an opportunity, and creating a culture that rewards productivity is the best way to keep morale high.Give genuine encouragement: A compliment or positive observation can have a powerful effect on an employees mood, for better or worse. If your encouraging words are dishonest or insincere your employee may feel disrespected, while honest praise, if it is received well, can greatly improve their morale. While committing to complimenting your employees is an important part of keeping your employees in a good mood, always remember that your words as an employer can greatly impact your employees’ feelings.–Employees are the core of any business. By creating a positive work environment and listening to their needs, you can make sure that they stay happy and productive.