Social networking sites have drastically changed the way we communicate, giving companies like Amana Capital ( new, interesting ways to connect with consumers. You can engage with customers on a more personal level and establish trust that will help your company grow and prosper. However, social sites will also open the door for consumers to express their opinions about your company and they don’t always have nice things to say, no matter how successful you are.Although we rarely receive negative comments, it’s important to be prepared for those times when you do receive such comments about your company, products or even a message you posted. While it can be difficult dealing with negative comments, they can actually be very useful when dealt with correctly. Your attitude and the way you deal with them will play a major role in what kind of impression you make on your audience.Knowing that eventually you will receive negative comments will help you prepare for them and the following tips can help you deal with them professionally.Don’t Take It PersonallyPeople don’t always write negative comments because they want to insult you or damage your reputation, so don’t take them personally. It will be difficult to respond in a professional and positive manner if you do. In some cases, these comments are the result of a difference of opinion and in this case, it’s very important that you respect the other person’s opinion even if you disagree.Sometimes, people just get upset and need to vent and complain about the problems they encounter or about products they bought that didn’t meet their expectations. Social media makes it easy for them to let out their frustrations. If you take all of this into consideration before responding to the comments, it will make it easier for you to respond in a positive and professional manner.Address the IssueIt doesn’t matter if the person has a bad customer service experience or if they’re having a problem with the products or services they received or not familiar with your products, you need to address the issue without hesitation. Let them know that you want to find a solution for their problem and that you want to discuss the matter further. To avoid long discussions about the issue on your social media site, suggest that you move the conversation somewhere more private. It would be easier to solve the problem using private messaging, email or by talking on the phone.Don’t Delete Negative CommentsNormally, you don’t want to delete negative comments nor do you want to ignore them. Doing so will look like you don’t value other people’s opinion and that makes all conversations one sided. Instead, respond to the comment to show that you do understand the person’s point of view and then move on. Always say sorry when it’s your fault. Of course, if the comments were offensive in nature, then it would be acceptable to delete them.–Regardless of the situation, always be respectful and polite when responding to negative comments. That is what we always do at Amana Capital. Even if you have to wait a day to respond, do so but don’t wait too long or it’ll look like you’re avoiding the issue. Responding in a respectful and professional manner will build a positive image for your company. It shows you do listen to what others have to say and that you sincerely care about your customers.