Life is about overcoming hard times, disasters and adversity. Adversity makes life interesting and worth living. It helps mold you, making you stronger with each obstacle you overcome. Every victory comes with a sense of satisfaction and pride in yourself and your accomplishments. Embracing adversity, and the lessons it brings, builds your moral strength. Sometimes, however, dealing with life’s setbacks seems too much to bear. Below are some tips that help me recover from life’s setbacks and turn adversity into opportunity.Remember the GoodFocusing on life’s setbacks draws your attention away from what matters. If you dwell on what you have lost, you will not realize what you can gain. Instead, look to your accomplishments and your blessings. This could be as simple as appreciating your family, your partner, your home, or your job. Give your attention to the joys of what life brings and that will help you to regain your confidence.Socialize with the GoodSpend time with people who are both uplifting in personality and behavior. Good feelings can be infectious and surrounding yourself with positive people promotes internal growth of positive thoughts. Seek out friends and family members that embody the sense of positivity you hope to attain. Allow their appreciation of the simple things in life to inspire you to do the same.Keep a JournalWrite down your emotions when dealing with a setback. It may be difficult to express yourself audibly. Use a pen and pad to help you reveal how you feel. Focus on the positive. Counter each negative thought with a positive one. In fact, write down more positive thoughts than negative, regardless of how small they may seem. You are trying to build strength and to encourage this growth, every little step forward counts.Look to a Higher PowerFinding solace through religion also helps with your recovery. Whatever spiritual path you follow, dedicate more time and attention to devotion. Seek comfort in prayer and fellowship with other members of your faith. Do not allow the negative effects of your setbacks to invade this solemn time. Through prayer, you find courage through understanding that there is more to life than the material and superficial.–I’ve learned to welcome life’s setbacks and I advise you to do so. They may frustrate you. They will upset your balance and comfort level. You may even deal with bouts of sadness and anger. Always remember, adversity will always be an unpleasant reality. Try as you might, you cannot avoid it. Life’s setbacks will require you to use parts of your being that you never considered in other situations. You may feel weak at the onset, but you will make it through the storm. When you arrive on the other side, you will always be mentally, emotionally and morally stronger.