Every now and then we look back with fondness at those early days when life presented unlimited potential. You probably spent years dreaming, planning and studying to prepare for life in the real world. Yet something went wrong along the way as the routine of life set in and hit hard.Motivation is no mystery. It’s mostly due to losing control of your life. Rather than look forward to fulfilling your dreams, you’ve come to accept an endless stream of bills, life problems, health complications or family issues as the only realities of life. Add to that, today’s stumbling economy and political unrest in Lebanon kills any hope in a brighter future.Take a Break to ThinkMost people feel they have no choice but to slog through every work day without taking any time to think about possible alternatives that would put more meaning into life. Just a few minutes of quiet contemplation and meditation can help you focus on your reasons for living and show you the steps you can take to make improvements in your life.Stop Worrying About the FutureLike many, you always try to look for a hopeful future. While there’s nothing wrong in setting goals and reaching for them, many people merely daydream about the future. Or they worry excessively about what will happen tomorrow when they should be focusing on doing what must be done today.  Excessive worry freezes you to inaction. It increases fear and doubt. You can only live today. Taking action today is the only way to avoid worry, headaches and depression.Eat Healthy FoodsYou can’t find motivation if your body is filled with toxins. Most food today is unhealthy and eating too much of it is not going to fuel your body and mind so you can meet the challenges of daily living.Get Enough SleepFor me, this is the hardest thing to do. A tired body and a tired mind can’t get motivated. Prepare an hour in advance of retiring for the night. Soft music can help get you in the mood for sleep. Cut out violent movies, smart phones and television. Take frequent rest breaks, even if it means doing a few stretching exercises in your office.Go For a WalkExercise increases oxygen flow in the blood and stimulates mental abilities. Fatigue is often the result of a lack of oxygen that comes from living a sedentary lifestyle.  A short ten minute walk can rejuvenate your spirits and provide the incentive to accomplish more.Organize Your Day BetterMost people feel overwhelmed by their work load. They feel they don’t have time to do everything they must do. A lack of time isn’t the problem. It’s the lack of organizing and prioritizing tasks that waste a great deal of productive time. An organized and written plan helps increase both productivity and motivation.Reward Yourself DailyOnce you’ve accomplished something, reward yourself. You’ll stay motivated when you have something to look forward to at the end of the day.–Getting and finding motivation is no secret. It’s getting down to the basics, finding those reasons that matter most to you that can help you keep motivated and make life more rewarding.