Whether you own a large company or work from home, it is in your best interest to do your utmost to achieve success. You might have heard of the Law of Attraction and wonder how you can integrate its principles into your business. Doing so could make all the difference between triumph and mediocrity.Clarity: Be clear about your business objectives. Consider what you aim to achieve with your work, both on a short-term and long-term basis. Gaining a clear-cut vision about your intentions will help you work toward your desires. In addition, understanding why you are working, other than to create a wage will increase your awareness of opportunities that help you realize your objectives in multitudes of ways.Focus: Once you are aware of your goals, focus your activities around producing results that propel you towards them. Make every action that you take at work fruitful, and cross non-important tasks that don’t take you a step closer to your objectives off your to do list. Honing your attention will make becoming successful easier than if you waste time.Furthermore, cut clutter from your work space. Clutter is distracting and reduces the power of your intentions. Moreover, keeping useless junk encourages the type of worthless behaviors that you want to discontinue.You can also amplify your focus by visualizing your objectives when you awaken each day. Envisage yourself carrying out rewarding and productive tasks successfully. Additionally, picture an abundance of constructive connections stemming from your social network. Surrounding yourself with other successful people and those with an optimistic mindset is valuable.Practice gratitude: Practicing gratitude daily will keep your energy in line with higher thoughts and intentions. At the same time, you will naturally exude positive energy to which clients and employees respond in a positive fashion. According to The philosophy of the Law of Attraction, being thankful will also inspire new opportunities to feel grateful to come your way.Give back: Follow the advice of countless wealthy entrepreneurs and give a percentage of your earnings back to society, perhaps, via a charity. Alternatively, you might provide a small service that benefits your community, or simply make sure that you are benevolent to people who can benefit from your attention. Giving back balances energy and helps create further feelings of gratitude.–Even if you are skeptical about the Law of Attraction, applying its principles to your business cannot fail to be beneficial. Knowing what you want to achieve, focusing on your goals, and being positive and thankful will allow you to reap abundant rewards.